FixLinks 2.01.1

FixLinks is a tool for automated processing of HTML files. It...

FixLinks is a tool for automated processing of HTML files. It is able to check all kinds of URL`s for validity in a whole site, automatically suggest replacements for the broken ones and apply them seamlessly.

FixLinks also can do some very helpful additional processing such as automatic addition or modification of link targets, conversion of all URL`s to relative or absolute, addition of forgotten protocol names and many other actions.

Certainly, you can review and correct any replacement or addition before it is applied. The program can also be used for binding together separately downloaded web-pages or ridding of links to nonexistent files, several methods of deletion are available for different types of URL`s.

The program has a simple wizard-style interface. Usually, the fixation process is being done in seven easy steps. One additional step appears if link deletion is allowed.

Backup files made by FixLinks can be easily restored or deleted using the included GetBack utility. GetBack is tightly integrated with FixLinks and very easy to use.

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